Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Gathering of Eagles ... be there in spirit

Sign on-line petition to stand in unity with those in D.C.

"A Gathering of Eagles" will take place on Saturday, March 17, 2007, in Washington, D.C. at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial -- "The Wall." Thousands are planning to attend and surround The Wall to protect it from anti-war protesters who threaten to vandalize it. Many thousands more would like to attend ... but for one reason or another are unable to do so.

Update: See "A Gathering of Eagles" video here.

Join those in D.C. in spirit by signing this online petition. It is now circulating the internet and was passed on to me by a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who plans to make the journey and join his veteran brothers at The Wall.

Here is the wording on the petition. Click to go to the site to sign.

Be a part of the wave ... join "A Gathering of Eagles"!


To: The Gathering of Eagles Participants

We, the undersigned, will (IN SPIRIT) be in Washington, DC, on March 17th. We can not attend but we want everyone at the "Gathering Of Eagles" to know that we are united with them as they ring the memorials to protect these hallowed monuments from defacement and dishonor.

We believe that our troops, current and prior, are true heroes and we will be honoring them all that day with our thoughts, our prayers and our actions. On that day, we intend to recognize and reflect on the sacrifice of our fallen heroes. We also pledge to pray for the safety of those who are able to attend. We thank them for representing all of us who love and respect our great country.

May God richly bless America and all those who truly appreciate her.

The Undersigned

H/T to Flora McDonnell at United Conservatives of Virginia for video link


Phriendly Jaime said...

I have a serious question-who is planning to vandalize the Wall? As a liberal Democratic supporter with family names on that wall, I would like to know why anyone would want to do so, regardless of politics or this war. Is there some kind of info on the subject? Thanks.

Phriendly Jaime said...

Forget it, I found it.

I am supremely disappointed in how you have defamed the Vietnam Vets. This is a new low.

Kat said...

PJ, I'm very confused. How is it that SWAC Girl has "defamed the Vietnam Vets?" The whole premise behind GoE is to honor all our veterans and active duty personnel, and show them our love and support.

Please give solid evidence of this soi-disant "defamation" so we can debate this rationally.

-- Kat

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing so hard and I can't figure out who's funnier, Jaime or Kat! "debate this rationally?" with them? Now THAT is funny!

Kat said...


My momma taught me to give people the benefit of the doubt... at first. But the God steps in and reminds me of His forbearance, and sometimes that's enough to keep me from going for the low shot.

PJ hasn't irritated me to the point where I feel the need for harsh words. And, like I often say, using a club to persuade me doesn't work. I thought I'd offer her the same courtesy.

Just to show that I could. ;-)

-- Kat

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

I am completely baffled by PJ's response and can only surmise that she misread/misinterpreted my post. She thinks I slammed the Vietnam Vets? I'm married to an Air Force veteran who served in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War era.

We've stood on the streets of Staunton for the past four years with other SWAC Republicans for Support the Troops rallies, and participated with a group that sends care packages to local soldiers and Marines who are in Iraq. We support the military families locally in many ways the public never knows about. Two of the SWAC bloggers babysat military children at our local Armory so the parents could get together for some grown-up time.

We've honored our fallen heroes ... we've honored their families ... we've honored their memories.

How in the world you interpreted my post as being against the vets and our troops is beyond me.

Please read it again ... and the other posts on my blog that pertain to the military.

f mcdonald said...

Honey, I have been to D.C. during some of these protests and trust me, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial needs to be protected.

On January 27th, 2007 the steps of the Capitol building were spray painted under the watchful eye of police.

The Navy War Memorial was desecrated that same day.

Will I be there on St. Paddy's Day? You betcha! I wouldn't miss Rolling Thunder lined up around The Wall for a million bucks. Let's Roll!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Flora, I would LOVE to be in D.C. to hear and see Rolling Thunder as they arrive and line up around The Wall. God bless you all for being there to stand up to the anti-war protesters who may be intent on vandalizing the monuments. We will be with you in spirit as we stand up to the local anti-war crowd.