Thursday, March 15, 2007

Email from Kuwait thanking SWAC area for Support the Troops Rally

To SWACgirl,

I'm a member of United Conservatives of VA serving in Kuwait. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your support. I'm on R&R for 4 days in Qatar so I have access to BEER, ahem beer. Sorry, got emotional. Anyway, my buddies and I will have a toast on the 17th for you guys at the appropriate time.


QM1 Mark W.


f mcdonald said...

I love this guy. There he is half a world away from his family, serving his country and he takes time from his R&R to thank the folks back home.

It is supposed to be the other way around! Thank you, sir, and all the Sailors and Marines enjoying a brewski (or two) on St. Patrick's Day. God speed!

Anonymous said...

I concur, Flora. I emailed him to tell him how much we appreciate his service. I plan to mention his email during the rally tomorrow.

God speed to you and the others heading to the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Be safe. We will hold down the fort here in Staunton....