Saturday, March 03, 2007

Virginia Blog Carnival

Welcome to this week's edition of the Virginia Blog Carnival! Thanks to all who participated, providing a great listing of posts with a wide variety of subjects.

As the blustery winds of March come in like a lion and we all snuggle in with family and friends, Leslie Carbone talks about priorities, family, and immigration. And what better to keep us warm on those cool nights than a good old-fashioned quilt? Kat at Cathouse Chat is helping to keep the art of quilting alive with her post This Would Have Driven Me Crazy.

The Right-Wing Liberal talks about Rudy Giuliani's surge in the latest poll concerning the Presidential race while Not Larry Sabato tells us that, if elected President, Jim Gilmore would set up a blog from the White House. Black Velvet Bruce Li adds to the debate with Tandredo's Stunning CPAC Speech.

The winds of war blow with concerns over Iran. Right-Wing Liberal informs us of a plan for the liberation of Iran from National Review's Andy McCarthy with What He Said. John at The Journal of the Civilized Man weighs in with his post that shows the hypocrisy of the Two Faces of Iran.

Roci tells why it is necessary for Republicans to have Christian conservatives involved in elections but how they are being pushed away in Why Bother To Win?

Jim Hoeft at Bearing Drift has a powerful interview with Brigitte Gabrielle, survivor of the Lebanese Civil War instigated by the PLO. As Jim says, her insights on the global Islamic conflict are chilling. Take a listen and pass it on to everyone you know.

Supporting the troops is something conservatives take seriously. Jerry Fuhrman at From On High offers Let's Talk About That Support while SWAC Girl says Dems support the troops? Yeah, right. Alton at I'm Not Emeril has a good response to news reports about the President's poll numbers, and Flora at United Conservatives of Virginia offers the song Fight for Me. To read about American soldiers' herorism check out American herorism under fire by F22Strike at UCV.

Steve Harkonnen at Steve's Hodgepodge tells us about A Gathering of Eagles that will take place March 17th at the Vietnam Veterans Wall in D.C. to protect it from anti-war protesters who plan to march against the Iraqi war. He follows up with the post What If A Gathering of Eagles Fails which responds with something similar to, "If not us, who? If not now, when?"

Kilo at Spark It Up!!! responds to Lowell who describes himself as a Teddy Roosevelt Conservative in Find Something You Like About Everyone.

In the war on terrorism, Dogwood Pundit passes along the information that First Kent State Was The Sight of a Massacre; Now It Just Hires Professors Who Advocate Them.

Closer to home DJ at Right-Wing Liberal talks about the craziness of some local taxes. Badrose relays a lesson in perseverence and determination in achieving our goals in Congratulations, Bug.

The Ward View takes Al Gore to task for his environmental sanctimoniousness in An Inconvenient Hypocrisy while Alton at I'm Not Emeril has done some amazing research into how Gore neutralizes his "carbon" consumption by buying from his own company in Capitalistic Environmentalism. RightsideVA shows us the grandeur of John Edwards' new house in Humble Estate of John Edwards.

VCAP weighs in on the highway situation with This Road Needs Repair.

How about the constant war with the mainstream media? SWAC Girl asks Where does George Allen go to get his reputation back? Over at Raising Kaine they took Ann Coulter to task, saying she called John Edwards a "faggot" but The Red Stater wants to know why the hypocrisy in So Let Me Get This Straight.

Keeping an eye on the RPV, James Atticus Bowden posted on Deo Vindici and Bacon's Rebellion about Ed Gillespie's meeting last week with the Hampton GOP.

And to wrap things up ... The Krehbiel Strikes Back asked if the Virginia Blog Carnival was becoming too right-leaning ... but the VBC was defended by Spark It Up!!! and The Ward View.

This was my first time hosting the Carnival and it was fun. I am amazed at the variety of excellent writers in the Virginia Political Blogosphere who advance the debate and educate us about many issues. Thank you for the opportunity.


Spank That Donkey said...

Good Job with the Carnival SWAC GIRL, just out of curiousity, did the lefty bloggers submit all of those, or were you being 'fair and balanced' by finding their posts for inclusion?

Just wondering, with all of last weeks hysterics that the carnival was being stacked?

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

No, STD, I didn't receive any entries from the lefty bloggers but some had posts relevant to the discussion so I included them. After all the negative comments about the VBC last week I, quite frankly, expected to see quite a few lefty submissions but there were none.

Thanks for the kind words. I owe you a debt of gratitude for being a sounding board and someone to turn to when I had questions. Thanks for the words of wisdom and all the help, ole blogging mentor. :) It was fun.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Hold the presses!!

I received ONE lefty entry ... a submission from Richmond Democrat that apparently was sent to the official entry site, not to my email.

Being the newbie at this, I wasn't aware of it until forwarded to me by Kilo. RD has now been added along with a conservative entry that was forwarded at the same time.

Sorry about that, folks. I'm up to speed for now....

Charlie Bishop said...

Great job girl!

Hosting the VBC is a lot of work, but as you discovered, it can be very fun.

When I've hosted it has often been necessary to "pick for submission" blogs from the left. Perhaps some of the more recent hosts have stopped doing that, leading Krehbiel and Rea toward a reason to complain.

It's like the old saying, "if you don't vote you can't complain." Well, if you don't submit you sure as hell can't complain.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

LOL. I agree. Rea even admitted he didn't submit to carnivals because he didn't want to share hosting duties as it looked like too much work.

I appreciate all the helpful information and guidance from you, Kilo, and Chris. Thanks, guys!

Leslie Carbone said...

SWAC Girl, thank you for hosting and for the top billing.

You have done a good job, and it was more than gracious of you to find and include lefty posts when only one liberal blogger had submitted.

It's no surprise that the lefties are whining nonetheless. Their road to power is paved with the notion that people are entitled to what others create, without having to do any work themselves. And as for ignoring your graciousness, well, as we all all know, liberals don't let the facts get in the way of their holier-than-thou outrage.