Friday, March 16, 2007

Saturday: Yes, we're having a rally for the troops!!

So what if we got snow in the Valley today? The "Gathering of Eagles" rally will still go on tomorrow....

Four years ago, in January 2003, a group of patriotic SWAC area folks started going out on the street to stand up to the anti-war protesters ... and it all started because of an Augusta County native stationed in South Korea in the Air Force.

Checking her hometown newspaper, this young lady saw a photo of anti-war protesters and read the write-up ... and called her mom to ask, "What's going on in Staunton?" She couldn't believe there actually were anti-war protesters in our small town.

How could we not respond to that? Because of Brandi, we have gone out as often as possible to have a presence for the troops. Brandi's mother was our Military Mom who rallied with us until she moved from the area a year ago.

So ... tomorrow is a go! Dress warmly and bring a chair if you wish ... the rally will probably run about an hour from 12:00 Noon until 1:00 ... we will all be there ready to publicly show our support for our troops and their mission in Iraq.

I talked with Rhonda Winfield this evening, one of tomorrow's speakers. She lost her 19-year-old Marine son in Iraq in 2005. She had a croaky voice and I told her if she didn't feel well tomorrow to not worry about having to speak. Her response? This is too important not to speak. She is ready!

Herb Harman is trying to get home through a northeast snowstorm so we wish him safe travels and God speed. Hopefully, he will make it and be able to share his story. If anyone questions whether our mission in Iraq is winnable ... they should talk to Herby!

Bring your friends and neighbors for a patriotic rally. Hope to see you there!

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