Saturday, October 06, 2012

2012 Republican Roundup with Eric Cantor ... live-blogging from Richmond

If it's October, it's time for Congressman Eric Cantor's Republican Roundup at the Snagajob Pavilion at Innsbrook in Richmond. Thousands always show up for this annual free event featuring Brock's barbecue and the fixings, kids activities, candidate tents, and political speeches.

Bloggers row is set up on a riser overlooking the stage and the tables filled with people eating BBQ. Music is playing and the band is getting ready to retake the stage.

State Senator Steve Martin stopped by to say hello as well as Ray Allen, Andrew Vehorn, Steve Thomas (former GOP chair of Spotsylvania), Polly Campbell (longtime secretary of the State Central Committee), Richard Crouse, Charlie & Wanda Judd, and many others.

Virginia Right blogger Tom White and Rick Sincere are here. Fellow Bearing Drift colleague Jane Dudley is here with her camera and roaming the grounds getting photos.

4:30: The speakers will show up soon. I heard Congressman Cantor is on the grounds and greeting supporters.

4:32: Mike Thomas and his daughter Ashley and son Alec just stopped by to say hello. Photo to follow....

4:35: The band just sent a shout-out to SWAC Girl from the Shenandoah Valley! LOL.

4:36: A call from the stage for elected officials to meet at the stage ... George Allen is mobbed by supporters and can't walk two inches. Congressman Cantor is surrounded by supporters, too.

4:45: "God Bless the USA" is being played by the band and the entire crowd is on its feet singing and waving American flags.

4:52: "Hello Virginia Republican!" Linwood Cobb, 7th District Chairman, has welcomed the crowd of over 6,000 people who are in attendance ... it gets bigger year after year. Huge cheers from the crowd.

4:55: Introduction of elected officials from the 7th District is going on now....

4:59: Invocation.

5:00: Pledge of Allegiance.

5:02: Door prizes are being given out.


Stop EPA outlawing of coal. (HUGE CHEERS) Day one he will introduce a bill to search for oil and gas off our coast (HUGE CHEERS)

Stand strong for property rights -- support the Amendment. Health care decisions should be made by doctors and patients, not bureaucrats in DC. (HUGE CHEERS) Repeal and replace Obamacare. (HUGE CHEERS -- LARGEST YET) Great leadership from Eric Cantor who passes bills that die in the Senate.

Asked military veterans to stand up. Cheers ... thanked them and their families for their service. Security is at risk because of defense cuts. Senate has done nothing -- hasn't passed a budget in 3 years. (BOOS)

They say raise taxes ... that causes more job loses.

"Eric, you did the right thing." (CHEERS, APPLAUSE)

We need to stand for freedom and the men and women in our armed forces.

Anybody who uses electricity should be on our side ... anyone who drives a car should be on our side.

Anybody who pays taxes, wants to make their own health decisions, cares about the future of their childdren and grandchildren should be on our side so, according to that, we should get about 100% of the vote! (HUGE CHEERS, WHISTLES, APPLAUSE)

Put it over the line for victory! They will be saying thank goodness for Virginia! They stood strong for freedom. Mitt Romney, I'll be in the senate, and Eric Cantor in the Congress for a strong team - it is my great pleasure to itroduce Diana and Eric Cantor for the future of our country!


5:16: Eric Cantor is on stage with his wife, Diana. "Without her I wouldn't be here." Applause.

Everybody who has served in uniform, law enforcement -- stand up. (APPLAUSE) Thank you, thank you for what you do.

Over 6,000 people are here! Thank you!

Let people who have earned their money keep more of it and not send it to Washington! We want more money staying in the pockets of Americans! (HUGE CHEERS) James Madison and Thomas Jefferson believed less govt meant more freedom. (HUGE CHEERS)

Mitt Romney says, "Washington, enough is enough!"

We want moms and dads to make the decision for their kids. We don't want Washington in the middle so we're going to do one thig -- repeal OBAMACARE. (HUGE CHEERS, APPLAUSE, WHISTLES)

We appeal Obamacare - will need patient reforms and patient choice and lift the burden from small businesses that are facing bankruptcy if they don't get ride of the prospects of more regulations. We're going to repeal it for the people of this country.

We've got to take our country back!

We need to electr Mitt Romney because we need a president who believes in the American dream. (APPLAUSE) We need to elect George Allen because we need a senate that will help us pass these bills to create jobs to get our country rolling again.

Thank you all for coming out today. Thank you for hour commitment. Thank you for your common sense ideas!

Let's all commit to Mitt, George, let's win the majority in 31 days! Thank you and VICTORY!

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