Friday, October 26, 2012

Historic Halloween storm forcasted for Virginia, east coast

Meteorologists are beside themselves as they track Hurricane Sandy, now making her way up the eastern coast to probably merge with another storm to make what may become a huge weather event.

Devastating, historic, and once-in-a-lifetime are words being used by forecasters to describe what may become the perfect storm of destruction as a hurricane and nor'easter combine to bring about the worst case scenario of wind, rain and, yes, snow. Keep an eye out for a storm surge that could have significant impact on the coastline as well as inland flooding, electrical outages, and down trees.

Norm Leahy has an update at Bearing Drift. Read more at the Richmond Times-Dispatch and be sure to check NBC-29, WHSV TV-3, and for all the latest. As for me, I'll be checking in with my own Weather Lord, son-in-law and meteorologist Colin, for the scoop on everything storm-related.

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