Monday, October 15, 2012

We need George Allen in the U.S. Senate

Virginia needs George Allen. America needs George Allen. Now more than ever.

Don't sit on your hands on Election Day. Virginia is one of the most watched senate races in the country on top of being a battleground state for the presidential race. This is the time to pull together for a common goal.

Don't take anything for granted. Allen's opponent, Tim Kaine -- an Obama liberal -- was chairman of the Democratic National Committee and has access to deep financial pockets and resources. Democrats are determined to again win Virginia. Unions just dumped $2.5 million into Chairman Kaine's campaign, pushing hard for their candidate and to keep the Democratic majority in the Senate under Harry Reid's control.

Look at what is at stake:

- Repeal of Obamacare
- No budget in three years
- Possible Supreme Court replacements for aging judges
- Drilling for oil and gas off Virginia's shore
- Increased EPA regulations
- Jobs
- Economic recovery
- Support for our military
- Security for the homeland

While Tim Kaine bloviates about the social issues liberals are supposed to dislike so much, George Allen continues to talk about the issues of most concern to Virginians and Americans -- jobs, economic recovery, and national security.

This election is of utmost importance. We need Mitt Romney as President, and Mitt Romney needs George Allen in the U.S. Senate. George Allen needs you -- supporters -- to help work the polls on Election Day, to donate to the campaign, and to educate voters on why he is the logical choice to represent Virginians in D.C.

Most important of all, please vote for George Allen on Election Day on November 6, 2012. Let's flip the Senate, keep the House, and turn the White House back over to a Republican President.

George Allen for U.S. Senate

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