Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dozens -- possibly 100 -- Romney-Ryan signs stolen in Waynesboro

The steady line of Republicans trekking to GOP headquarters in Waynesboro on Wednesday wasn't just first-timers looking for yard signs. Some were repeat customers who had awakened earlier this week to find signs missing from their yards, and they were looking to replace them.

There were none to be had.

Last week a shipment of 300 Romney yard signs made its way to Waynesboro and within days they had been distributed, many passed along to supporters whose names had been on a waiting list.

The News Leader reported on Wednesday that 40 signs had been stolen from the Tree Streets and Fairway Hills neighborhoods but the problem was far more widespread than that. Residents stopping by HQs Wednesday lived all over Waynesboro, and one lady said every sign in her neighborhood, not one mentioned by the newspaper, had been removed.

Large 4x8 Romney signs have been vandalized with black spray paint. The oversized "Republican HQs" banner that hung in front of the Waynesboro GOP HQs at Willow Oak Plaza on Broad Street was stolen.

Waynesboro isn't the only one hit this year. Word is there are similar shenanigans going on right over the mountain in Albemarle County.

There was no word on when more Romney signs would be available in Waynesboro.

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