Monday, October 15, 2012

George Allen endorsed by military veterans groups

Henrico, VA – Today, George Allen for U.S. Senate announces endorsements in the U.S. Senate race from the National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition as well as Veterans’ Vision. These recent endorsements reflect George Allen’s strong commitment to veterans and our Armed Forces, including his unwavering commitment against the $500 Billion in devastating defense cuts.

In an endorsement letter, the National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition expressed their appreciation for George Allen’s record of standing strong for America’s veterans: “Your experience, leadership and patriotism are especially needed in the Senate at this particular time in our history when our beloved country is at risk […] We are grateful for your support of legislation related to the proper care, treatment and recognition of members of our armed forces and our veterans.” The National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition consists of 70 veterans organizations and advocacy groups which represent over 250,000 veterans. The Coalition’s top focus is national security.

Veterans’ Vision shared their endorsement of George Allen, highlighting his strong commitment towards protecting the earned benefits of veterans and their families. “George Allen is a candidate who displays high values and level of commitment in everything he does, and he is firmly committed to helping our veterans. Allen believes that the benefits that veterans are promised must be a top national priority. […] George Allen is the candidate for Virginia and the candidate for veterans.”

“I’m proud to have received meaningful endorsements from the National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition and Veterans’ Vision,” said George Allen. “The paramount responsibility of the federal government is national defense and that includes keeping our promises to our veterans and their families for the benefits they have earned. I’m committed to stopping the devastating $500 Billion defense cuts that threaten our Armed Forces and our national defense. I look forward to working with Virginians and our veterans to protect our heroic men and women by stopping these defense cuts, protecting benefits and preventing steep increases in TRICARE premiums on our veterans and their families.”

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