Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Last night's debate: Allen offers solutions, Kaine whines

Michael Fletcher has a great summation of last night's debate at Bearing Drift between U.S. Senate candidates George Allen (R) and Tim Kaine (D) that you should be sure to read. Doesn't matter if you did or did not watch the debate ... Mike has it in a nutshell with some background info.

During sixty minutes of back-and-forth when neither candidate drew blood, Mike humorously closed with, "The real winner of tonight’s debate? Bob Holsworth. He could teach Jim Lehrer a thing or two about keeping time."

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Mike began by noting:
George Allen and Tim Kaine repeated many of the same themes of their campaigns.
Allen: I believe in freedom, free enterprise and energy.

Kaine: George is a meany who raised his own salary.
And so it went.

Kaine, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and Barack Obama's hand-picked  man for that position, must go to sleep at night muttering "soft teeth down their whiny throats"  because he repeated it over and over. Mike remembers that "the reference is from an almost 20-year-old speech Allen gave to a group of Republicans during yet another intense campaign year. And let’s be truthful, the Democrats were being whiny. Not long after that the Democrat controlled General Assembly shirked their constitutional duty and refused to allow Allen to deliver his State of the Commonwealth address from the House chamber." [emphasis added]

And never forget that Kaine was the one who closed the rest areas in Virginia for political purposes just before leaving office as governor. His excuse was that the Commonwealth had no money. The truth was that the Commonwealth had over $1 billion sitting in VDOT coffers. The reality was Kaine was using Virginia's citizens and those who visit the state as pawns in his political chess game.

Kaine: no friend to coal, was shot down by his own Democratic legislature for wanting to enact the largest tax increase in Virginia history, no friend to travelers needing a restroom.

Read Mike's entire piece. It's worth the two minutes of your time. And lest you think George Allen is sitting at home taking a day off after the debate, think again. He and Susan Allen have a full schedule of events planned today as we head into the final four weeks before Election Day.

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