Sunday, October 21, 2012

George Allen receives endorsement of Richmond Times-Dispatch

In yet another ringing endorsement, George Allen has earned the confidence of the Richmond Times-Dispatch in their Sunday editorial's comment, "The Times-Dispatch believes George Allen's votes as a senator would more accurately reflect Virginia's preferences."

 Some highlights of the endorsement:
Allen ranks among Virginia's most consequential chief executives in modern times. His accomplishments include welfare reform, school standards and accountability and the abolition of parole. Allen secured passage of key proposals in a General Assembly he did not control. He accomplished things....
A contrast in two candidates:
Allen tried to cut taxes; [Democratic challenger Tim] Kaine wanted to raise them. ... As chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Kaine marched as a flugelman for President Barack Obama. Obama's record clings to him. Deficits have accumulated. The flood of red ink has not receded. Kaine led the Democratic Party as this occurred.
And then there was this:
Allen would start from a stronger position. As a senator he would moderate Obama's statist inclinations or reinforce Mitt Romney's centrist leanings. ...  he does not spring from conservatism's fever swamps . ... We recommend Allen's election without reservation. His votes as a senator would more accurately reflect Virginia's preferences. Cast your ballot for him.
The Times-Dispatch recognizes that it is time for Virginia to send George Allen back to the Senate.

Photo by Lynn R. Mitchell

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