Friday, October 12, 2007

Autumn in the Shenandoah Valley: Backroads & changing leaves

Backroads of Augusta County on an overcast, chilly autumn day....
The road less traveled....
Took a drive today throughout my District in Augusta County. I love my District because it is half farm land and half mountains ... with the George Washington National Forest thrown in for good measure. I can drive for hours and never tire of the scenery. This Chesterfield County girl from the flatlands is still pinching herself at living in such a beautiful part of Virginia.
West of Staunton out Rt. 42 Pastures District goes to Goshen and bumps up against Bath County. West of Staunton out Rt. 250 Pastures District goes to the top of Shenandoah Mountain and bumps up against Highland County.
I took dozens of photos of backroads because every turn look prettier than the last. The leaves are falling off the trees at higher elevations. Dry weather is definitely affecting the leaf season.
Photos by SWAC Girl

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