Sunday, October 14, 2007

Republican Roundup ... reflections on being "Republican for a reason"

Driving home to the Shenandoah Valley last night after a full day of Republican events in Richmond, I reflected on the day as many thoughts ran through my head....

State Central meeting ran long but we accomplished much business. As I sat in that body of Republican leaders from throughout the state, I was awed by the leadership of each individual in his or her distinct way. Some are more outspoken, others are quieter, but all have been selected from their localities because of their willingness to roll up their sleeves and work.

RPV did a great job of setting the room with tables divided by Congressional Districts; red, white, and blue balloons; "Republican For a Reason" banners and signs, shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, and balloons; and refreshments to enjoy during the meeting. It was festive-looking, much like a convention!

The leadership of John Hager, who was recognized as the soon-to-be "first father-in-law" when his son Henry marries the President's daughter Jenna, is very much appreciated as is the RPV staff -- all of them.

I had the honor of sitting next to and talking with former RPV Chairman Don Huffman.

Attorney General Bob McDonnell provided lunch and was interacting and joking with everyone as he served us in his chef's apron and hat.

The Republican Roundup hosted by Congressman Eric Cantor offered a great opportunity for Republicans to come together at a free family event and have fun. Citizens were able to interact with politicians; presidential candidates had reps with petitions, bumper stickers, lapel stickers, and pins. Local electeds had tables of information and materials.

Brock's BBQ (one of the best in the Richmond area) provided BBQ, hotdogs, potato salad, cole slaw, and baked beans; there were drinks and children's activities including a climbing wall and bouncy-bounces and pony rides. The place was festively decorated with corn stalks, hay bales, and pumpkins, and mums on every table.

A live band played great music and I did not catch who they were but heard they were from just north of Waynesboro -- Valley musicians!

There were folks I did not get a chance to talk with, and others I did not see. Trixie Averill passed by at one point but I did not see her again.

Driving I-64 west back to Augusta County, as I approached the foot of Afton Mountain the lights of the Afton Inn were visible in the dark, twinkling like diamonds in the night. At the crest of Afton Mountain I could see the lights of the Valley ... I was almost home ... and I again gave thanks for this beautiful place I live. The night sky was full of stars as I left the bypass and headed out the country road that leads me home.

It was a great day that reinforced that I am "Republican for a reason."

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Photo by SWAC Girl
October 13, 2007

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