Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's a convention!

Just walked in the door from State Central Committee meeting and Republican Roundup in Richmond ... what a day!

Convention won over a primary so that means the Republicans will be having a Convention May 29-31, 2008, at the Richmond Convention Center. The 6th District passed a resolution at our last meeting which received a unanimous vote to support a convention. Today all representatives voted the same.

Why a convention?

1) My first reason: Democrats. I am tired of working hard for a candidate only to have Democrats vote in a Republican Primary and skew the results. They have not worked for the candidates, they have no plans to work, and they have no real interest in the outcome. It is not right to the hard-working Republican grassroots volunteers to let Demcorats come in.

Some electeds disagree ... and I say the dems are welcome in the General Election. But a Primary should be kept within the Party.

2) A convention is kind of like a Republican pep rally ... and that is what we need to do at this time -- rally our troops! We need to have a party, remember why we are Republican, feel good about ourselves, hear from inspirational Party leaders who help rally the grassroots. We have had some tough losses the past couple of years ... we need to be with each other and uplift one another.

3) A convention means no petitions. It is tiring to lug around petitions to gather signatures for candidates. The campaigns are always pushing for more, more, more ... and we are struggling to fulfill their wishes.

4) A convention means we do not wear out the volunteers twice in one year. First, they are asked to carry petitions around. Next, they are asked to put up signs and get voters to the polls. Then they are asked to work the polls. And then in November we turn around and do it all over again. It wears them out and they often do not return.

5) We have not had a convention since, I believe, 2003. Now others who have never had the opportunity to attend can participate.

A Republican Convention ... let the Party begin!

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Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings about a convention. Some people cannot attend the event. However, I agree, I get tired of the Democrats voting in our Primaries.