Friday, October 19, 2007

SCHIP ... the real story....

Some lib bloggers are so worked up over the SCHIP veto and the dems' lack of overturning the veto that they have become very emotional and refuse to let facts get in their way. There is no need for SCHIP to cover "children" up through age 25 nor families that earn $62,000 a year.

Charles at Two Conservatives hit the nail on the head:
Now that the Democrat's absurd new medical program for the middle class has lost (barely), I have a plea to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid:


Stop blackmailing people. If you bring up the original SCHIP program tomorrow, it will pass overwhelmingly, and Bush would sign it the next day. We could have the program up and running again before the weekend.

But the Democrats have no plan to do this. Heck, liberal bloggers like Lowell are upset that they didn't hold off the veto vote longer. Democrats are saying they have an "election issue" (remember, the issue isn't until NEXT NOVEMBER).

So what, are the democrats going to cut the Frosts and Wilkersons off from necessary insurance for a whole year, just to trick people into voting for them?

Come on, for once, Democrats, actually DO SOMETHING for your constituents. Bush proposed a FIVE BILLION DOLLAR INCREASE in this program. If you think that is too little to fund the existing program, propose a number, and back it up with evidence. Bush has said he'll listen.

Stop the demagoging, STOP THE LYING, pass the SCHIP bill and send it to the President. You thought the republicans were so scared they'd vote for ANYTHING, but we proved you wrong. Someone in Washington still cares about the taxpayers. So get off your butts, STOP making "campaign issues", and DO YOUR JOB. Re-authorise the republican SCHIP program.

"It's for the Children". (not the children that are running the House, the actual children who you are scaring and holding hostage).
Thanks, Charles. Your common sense explanation helps stop their spin.


Charles said...

Thank you for the kind words. I really don't remember ever having to fight like this over a program virtually everybody supports.

And while I understand media bias, I'm amazed at how very badly the media has explained this program. I've seen as high as 80% support the democrats, but when Gallup presented the two proposals and asked which was better, 52% said they supported Bush's plan.

That tells me the media has simply NOT told the truth on this. NO DEMOCRAT should be allowed a quote in the paper claiming Bush opposes SCHIP without the reporter noting Bush requested more funds for the program, and only opposes the expansion.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Charles, your explanation was so good I used the entire thing because I was afraid if I linked they would not read it.

Misinformation through smoke-and-mirrors is the democrat way because they know Americans are busy and do not have/take time to read and understand all the issues. With the MSM on their side, dems can make any well-intended program sound bad and evil. They have done it for years and this is no exception.

When Eddie Garcia aka Cobalt 6 rants on my site that we are cruel to the children, it makes me realize that even a 40-something-year-old liberal will follow the dem talking points and not get to the facts.

It surprises me how gullible they are. It surprises me how the media intentionally do not follow up or research stories, and after all this time it is clearly understood to be intentional to confuse/mislead voters.

Thanks for your clear explanation. Now let's hope they read it.