Friday, October 19, 2007

Autumn in the Shenandoah Valley: The maple tree beside my deck

The silver maple....

It is drizzly and cool in the Shenandoah Valley today with the forecast calling for possible afternoon thunderstorms with high winds and rain. We need the rain ... it is extremely dry around these parts. If the predicted storms and wind arrive, it will take many of the leaves off the trees.

I took the photos this morning of the silver maple beside my deck (its leaves turn yellow in the Fall) and the smaller red maple on the other side of my deck (its leaves turn scarlet red in the Fall). The silver maple may be missing most of its leaves by tomorrow.

Fall is in process....

The red maple....

Silver maple on September 29, 2007

Silver maple on October 8, 2007

Photos by SWAC Girl

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