Sunday, October 14, 2007

Republican Roundup ... the bloggers

Bloggers, bloggers, bloggers ... they were at the Republican Roundup. I saw a couple of blogger friends ... and missed others that I know from online but have not met in person. Several people told me they read SWAC Girl ... and I thank them for that. The primary purpose of my blogging is to get the conservative message out so it is nice to know that is happening.

Proud Republican from Virginia Virtucon was circulating petitions ... CR President Jarrett Ray from the College Republican blog was working their booth.

Received the following comment from Concrete Bob of United Conservatives of Virginia:
Well, Just Damn, Girl. CargoSquid and I were running around trying to find you after Jane told us you were there. Next time. We have GOT to figure out a way to ID each other at these functions. Great pic of the Governor and my friend Neil Miller BTW.
I am sorry to have missed those two patriotic bloggers. Received an email from Conservativa saying she and the guys were looking for me. Next time, for sure.

Update: Conservativa reminded me that Governor Gilmore (Virginia Patriot) and Governor Allen both blog now along with Matt Wells who posts on and Cristen from the Richmond Young Republicans. That makes a total now of 10 bloggers. Great group!


Conservativa said...

Sorry I missed you. Too bad I didn't have one of those "I'm blogging this" shirts. :-)

It was funny - if you count Gov. Allen and Gov. Gilmore, Matt Wells who sometimes posts at, the UC guys, you, and me, that makes SEVEN bloggers that I know of, at the Roundup. Heh.


Conservativa said...

...and Proud Republican, Jarrett Ray, and Cristen from the Richmond Young Republicans... that's TEN.

concretebob said...

I say we just have some badges printed up with our repsective blognames, and wear them like media credentials.
We ARE the new media, right?
That begs the question: If we are media, then are all conversations with elected officials or potential candidates off the record unless we identify ourselves? I had a very interesting conversation with Jim Gilmore.

Anonymous said...

I was there as well, but I didn't get a chance to introduce myself to you. The Republican Roundup was a lot of fun.