Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Follow-up: Daily Kos-MoveOn.org's manipulation of Staunton poll

Jerry at From On High has a follow-up on my post about the Staunton newspaper (known locally as the Misleader) and its biased poll question against Congressman Bob Goodlatte that was picked up by Daily Kos and MoveOn.org.

As posted here, the local newspaper put up a poll about Congressman Goodlatte's support of the veto override vote on the SCHIP issue. Daily Kos, made up of MoveOn.org members, posted about the poll and encouraged their members from across the country, who have nothing to do with politics in the Valley, to vote. The poll was was google bombed -- targeted by Daily Kos in order to skew the results.

Remember ... that's the same newspaper that said anyone -- anyone-- short of a ficus plant should run against Goodlatte.

That's the same newspaper that said Delegate Ben Cline should stick to washing Bob Goodlatte's car.

That's the same newspaper that has lost credibility in more ways that I have space to write.

I stopped subscribing to them in June when they called the local Republican volunteers "snakes." At a time when everyone bemoans the fact that citizens do not get involved in the political process and that voter turnout is low, the newspaper makes fun and mocks volunteers and calls them names and belittles at every chance they get.

The poll has been removed so I do not have the final tally. It was running about 80% against the Congressman but that is not a true reflection of the citizens of the Shenandoah Valley.

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