Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Move out and draw fire!

Move out and draw fire!

Military vet Pete Hegseth signs each of his Vets for Freedom correspondences that way. It is a military phrase that can be applied to politics.

We all know someone who"draws fire" ... that person who gets out in front of an issue and catches the most flack ... flack from the media, from those who disagree with them, from people who do not want to "get involved."

In Republican politics those drawing fire are the ones on the front line ... leading ... pushing the issues ... going up against the democrats ... taking on the liberal bloggers.

I can look around me and see who "moves out and draws fire." They wear the battle scars from the war, work tirelessly for the effort, stand up to wiltering criticism, and work with others as a team. They are leaders.

And I can look around and see who sits back in the safety of non-controversy. Safe, yes ... but effective? A mover-and-shaker? Someone who makes a difference? No.

"Move out and draw fire."

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