Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What's he up to?

From The Crypt at Politico comes the question, "George Allen Making a Comeback?" which reveals that robocalls began going into Virginia homes last weekend:
Virginia voters started getting robocalls this weekend from a polling firm called Voter Roll Call, asking a very interesting question: What are their favorable and unfavorable views of former Sen. George Allen (R-Va.), and would they support Allen or former Democratic Gov. Mark Warner in a Senate race next year?
My first thought is why run robocalls now in the final crunch days of the 2007 campaign season? And is it from George Allen himself ... or someone else?


Anonymous said...

When they ask questions about what George Allen might do in polls, you do not ask about the specific race he is thinking about running. Since Allen is running for Governor, he asks about the Senate. If he was running for Senator, he would ask about the Senate.

Anonymous said...

George Allen has been clear that he is not running for Senate in '08 so there would be no reason for an Allen paid poll on this question.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope he doesn't run for the Senate in 2008. He should wait and run in 2012 against Webb. By then, he will be in good shape to beat Webb.

Unknown said...

notpaul is correct that Allen has made it clear he's not running for Senate next year. So, while I could be wrong, I'd be really surprised to find out that he authorized this.

Maybe somebody's still afraid he might jump in. Or maybe somebody just wants to start that rumor.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Interesting. Whatever it is, it shows that what he does still makes news.