Thursday, October 18, 2007

Patriots stand down Code Pink's anti-America attacks on Berkeley Marine recruiting station

What a difference from the Vietnam days when America left our troops to fend for themselves against rampant anti-war protesters ... from Gathering of Eagles NY State Coordinator Dan Maloney

Patriots Rule Berkeley!

There was a tremendously successful pro-troops rally yesterday in the heart of moonbat la-la-land, Berkeley, California. Hundreds turned out to answer the call from Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward, Michelle Malkin and the Gathering of Eagles to protect the Marine Recruiting Station from the ravages of the Code Pink faction of the neo-commie horde led by none other than that paragon of anti-Americanism, Medea Benjamin.

Once more patriots ruled the day!

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God Bless America!

Dan Maloney
New York State Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles

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