Thursday, October 18, 2007

Travis Smithdeal ... Republican endorsed by Del. Chris Saxman

Travis Smithdeal ... Republican candidate for Augusta Board of Supervisors on Augusta Board of Supervisors

Endorsed by Delegate Chris Saxman (R-20th House District)....

"It is a privilege to endorse Travis Smithdeal for the Augusta County Board of Supervisors in the Pastures District. He and I attend church together, and I can tell you from personal experience, Travis shares our values. As the father of eight children, he is committed to improving education and ensuring Augusta County remains a safe place to live and raise a family. As a small business owner himself, Travis recognizes the issues facing business owners in Augusta County. He has served our nation honorably in the US Army, and given the opportunity, he will serve Augusta County with that same spirit. Please join me in supporting Travis Smithdeal on November 6th." -- Delegate Chris Saxman

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Michael said...

Is this a joke? While i cannot say i know Tracey Pyles very well personally, I am well acquainted with what he has done for this area.
Smithdeal cares about education?
So does Pyles, He had new schools built in Craigsville and Churchville. And His(Pyles) children i believe actually attend those public schools.
Smithdeal was a veteran?
So was Pyles.
Smithdeal knows about the issues?
Pyles has known them for through his 3 terms on the board. And living in the community for far longer than smithdeal. Let's not mess with a good thing here people.