Saturday, March 20, 2010

2 bus loads from Shenandoah Valley go to DC to protest socialized health care

Early Saturday morning buses left Staunton, headed up the Valley to Harrisonburg, and then had one last stop in Strausburg before continuing on to Washington, DC, carrying Americans who object to socialized health care.

Over 100 Valley residents spent the day outside and inside the Capitol, making a final plea with Democrats who are determined to wreck America's economy and force mandatory health care on every man, woman, and child in what is supposed to be a free country. Those who traveled to DC included Republicans, Tea Party Patriots, Independents, Democrats, Constitution Party, Ron Paul supporters, and others.

The pleas are falling on deaf ears as Democrats and Barack Obama arrogantly refuse to listen to the majority of Americans who are against forced health care.

This is not about health care. It's about power ... and Barack Obama is determined to make his legacy. A man who was revered during his campaign ... is turning out to be despised by many in America. Some legacy.

Fox News has continuing coverage Saturday and Sunday.

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