Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Health care: Do not despair ... this is not 1935

Neil Stevens at Red State hit the nail on the head: This time it's different:
Social Security: Passed in 1935. Republicans take House and Senate in 1947, 12 years later.

Medicare and Medicaid: Passed in 1965. Republicans take Senate in 1981, 16 years later.

Obamacare: Passed in 2010. Republicans take House in 2011, one year (9 months, actually) later?

There’s just no comparison. We can fight back before much of it even takes effect, not over a decade later when the benefits are entrenched. No excuses. No pessimism. Fight and win, politically.
As I noted yesterday, this is a different day and age. This is the computer age. Americans are not isolated in rural areas or mountain hollows as they were in the 1930s, away from communication with the outside world. News these days is instantaneous and scrutinized to the nth degree.

And word of fraud spreads quickly. All the back room deals will eventually come out ... the millions (billions?) of dollars spent to buy Democrat votes. Republicans have been left out in the cold. Taxpayers have been mugged.

Americans are on top of this issue which is why it took Congress so long to pass an issue they thought would be finished a year ago.

And while many were blue on Sunday, watching the Democrat steam roller crush Americans, they rebounded on Monday determined to continue the fight which will, as noted by Mr. Stevens, take place a mere nine months from now when a conservative tsunami sweeps over the country, removing Democrats from office.

Will the legacy of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid be that they passed health care reform ... or will it be that they began the destruction of the Democrat Party?

Time will tell.

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