Sunday, March 21, 2010

SWACers at Saturday protest of government health care in DC

On a warm, sunny first day of spring, thousands gathered in DC to protest Democrats jamming mandatory government health care down the throats of unwilling Americans.

A SWAC area resident wrote of Saturday's rally:
It was a very beautiful day, with great speakers and a great crowd. Don't listen to anyone when they try to smear this group - I saw nothing that was out of bounds nor did I hear anything that would make embarrassed to be standing there with these people. It was a great crowd, very orderly, but loud. We were trying to make our voices heard and they heard us. I doubt they will listen, but they heard us.
Two bus loads of Shenandoah Valley citizens joined thousands of others for one last try to persuade Democrats to vote "no" before Sunday's vote.

Photos from National Review tell the story of Saturday's rally at the Capitol.

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