Monday, March 22, 2010

RPV Chair Pat Mullins' statement on health care bill

RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement....

“Let me be perfectly clear. The action taken in Congress tonight will forever alter the size and scope of our Federal government. The legislation that the Obama/Pelosi Democrats forced on the American people tonight will bury our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren in mountains of debt," Mullins said. "Bureaucrats in Washington D.C. will now know better than you and your doctor what medical treatments you need. And our federal government will become more entwined with our daily lives than our founding fathers could have ever imagined."

“Ultimately, Congressmen Gerry Connolly and Tom Perriello cast the deciding votes on this legislation. They had the opportunity not once, but twice, to stand up and listen to their constituents, but each time they choose to stand with their party bosses," he said. "They had the power to stop this monstrosity, but they chose not to act.”

"While Congressmen Connolly and Perriello may have cast tonight’s decisive votes to allow for the federal takeover of our healthcare system, it was Senators Mark Warner and Jim Webb who cast the deciding votes in the Senate in the dead of night on Christmas Eve that made today’s legislative fiasco possible. Had either Senators Warner or Webb listened to the people of Virginia, we wouldn't be here tonight. They too will ultimately be held responsible for the actions that took place in Congress today.”

"In one fell swoop, Congressmen Connolly and Perriello, along with Senators Warner and Webb have:

• Put Virginia taxpayers on the hook for sweetheart deals in Nebraska, Louisiana, Florida, Hawaii and others.
• Raised taxes by nearly $1 trillion on individuals and businesses, including the first ever tax on simply being alive.
• Turned the IRS into the national health insurance police.
• Levied a huge unfunded mandate onto Virginia and other states that will either require tax increases or cuts to core services like education and public safety.
• Made it highly likely that dozens of states will pull out of the federal Medicaid program.
• Set the stage for either crippling levels of deficit spending, or the collapse of Medicare as we know it.

"Thousands of Virginians called their member of Congress, Senator Warner, and Senator Webb, emailed them, faxed them, attended town hall meetings, met privately with them, traveled to Washington D.C. and voiced their opposition to this legislation," he said. "Despite all of their efforts, they could not force Congressmen Connolly and Perriello and Senators Warner and Webb to vote for the will of the people."

"Unfortunately, Congressmen Connolly and Perriello, Senators Warner and Webb have made their choice and the people of Virginia will have to deal with the consequences," he said. "While the people of Virginia may not have been heard tonight, I can guarantee you that they will be heard this November when Congressmen Connolly and Perriello become one-term Members of Congress."

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