Monday, March 22, 2010

Tea Party Express prepares to leave from Harry Reid's hometown

The battle to save America continues

As Congress seeks to force through an unpopular government-run healthcare fiasco, thousands upon thousands of tea party activists are preparing to converge on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's tiny hometown of Searchlight, NV, this Saturday, March 27th.

The "Showdown in Searchlight" takes place at 12:00 Noon (High Noon!) and is expected to draw a massive crowd of thousands of patriotic Americans.

Headlining the event will be former Governor of Alaska - and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin.

The 2008 Libertarian nominee for Vice President, Wayne Allyn Root, will also be on hand. No word back yet from 2008 Democratic nominee for Vice President, Joe Biden.

Joining Palin and Root will be an All-Star cast of conservative leaders and activists including Joe The Plumber, Saturday Night Live's Victoria Jackson, nationally syndicated radio talk show hosts Roger Hedgecock & Jerry Doyle, local Vegas talker, Heidi Harris of KDWN, conservative media icon, Andrew Breitbart, and ACORN sting video journalist Hannah Giles.

“Opposition to the federal health care takeover reaches across the country,” said Bryan Shroyer, Political Director of the Tea Party Express, “and the number of Americans flocking to Searchlight next week is just the most recent example.”

The giant crowd is being built through a major multi-state organizational effort, combining the membership of the Tea Party Express with supporters of local grassroots tea party and conservative groups throughout Nevada.

Thousands are also expected to come from surrounding states such as California and Arizona. And more still are flying in from all across the country, or driving to the event in their RVs.

A huge fleet of charter buses are bringing in supporters from all across Nevada, California, Arizona and Texas. For more information on charter buses to the “Showdown in Searchlight,” contact

Campgrounds throughout southern Nevada have been filling up as hundreds of supporters are driving their RVs to the event.

"Searchlight has a population of just under 700 people. This Saturday the town will swell to become one of the largest cities in the state of Nevada," Shroyer said.

"With Congress jamming through this healthcare bill, the momentum for this tea party movement will only grow stronger," said Shroyer.

Tea Party Express III: Just Vote Them Out national tour kicks off March 27th in Searchlight, NV with 42 tea party rallies across the nation, ending in Washington, D.C. for the Tax Day Tea Party on April 15th.

--From the Tea Party Express

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