Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mike took the words right out of my mouth

SWAC Husband grumbled Tuesday about the post card that arrived in the mail from the U.S. Government telling us we had received our census form last week.

When I read Fishersville Mike's post, he took the word right out of my mouth:
Tuesday's mail brought the postcard to remind me to fill out the census form.

Which arrived last week.

Like the letter the week before said it would.
I'm thinking of the millions and millions of dollars spent on postage for an "it's on its way" letter, the census itself, and then a "you did get it, right?" reminder.

If I ran my household like the government runs its finances, I'd be in jail.

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Joy Jackson said...

I was more than grumbling about it yesterday. You might actually call it a rant.