Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pelosi, Democrats taunt anti-health care bill crowd

Talk about a fake photo op and hoping to create drama: Nancy Pelosi and lawmakers walked through the crowd of anti-health care protesters outside the Capitol Sunday instead of walking through the tunnels they normally use underground from office buildings to the Capitol.

Yesterday's complaints from Democrat lawmakers ring hollow also because they, too, did not have to be in the midst of protesters.

A compliant mainstream media plays right along with the Democrats in the final hours leading up to the possible passage of mandatory socialized government health care.

Protesters are outside the Capitol again today shouting "Kill the Bill," and one reporter said he had not seen one single pro-health care protester this weekend.

See the tanking poll numbers for Obama, Reid, and Congress.

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Citizen Tom said...

I saw one pro-health care protester.

I looked the photo of this photo op here.

I suspect two reasons for it.
1. Right or wrong, everyone wants to be on the "proud" winning team.
2. It is more "fun" to be the bully than it is to be the bullied.

It is strange how full grown adults can fall victim to weakness, but we do. To overcome such vile childishness, we need to work hard to convince people of the importance of doing what is right. Even when it hurts, doing good is far better than doing evil.