Friday, March 26, 2010

RNC's greetings for Nancy Pelosi's 70th birthday

From the Republican National Committee -- 70th birthday greetings to Nancy Pelosi....

Congratulations, you pushed it through,
Gamed the process and the CBO too!
But in response, your approval still wanes,
And now your title, Republicans claim.

Just hope that the voters don't remember
When they vote this upcoming November-
That Rahm, Harry, Barack - and you, Nancy
Passed this bill without transparency!

And covered up ethics scandals and more
From Rangel to Massa, and his tickle wars.
For kickbacks and gimmicks, budgets un-clipped
We give you this special Birthday pink slip.


Bob K. said...

Ms. Pelosi,

You have twenty minutes to pack up your personal effects, turn in your badge and we'll walk you to the door.

(that felt good to say...)

Joy Jackson said...

Ha ha ha!!!