Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Insurance agent warns Rush about ObamaCare

If you want to learn about a subject, talk with someone well-versed in that subject. Listening to conservative talk radio offers that opportunity for millions of Americans, and ObamaCare is no differnt.

On Rush Limbaugh's Tuesday show, an insurance agent called with the dismal news of what ObamaCare will do to America. A friend alerted me to this since I was out and about and missed much of the show.

This insurance agent warns that insurance agencies may be able to hang on for two or three years before going out of business, due to the new mandated government-enforced health care forced on America. Be sure to read the interview and listen to the audio.


Bob K. said...

So I'm not just imagining this, the impression that the discussion on Rush's show on an average day is so much better than much of what I sat through in college?

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

"Real Life: 101."

Bob K. said...

Yes, with 'Citizen Professor' Rush Limbaugh at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Thank goodness for Rush!

Bob K. said...


Just how effective is Rush? If you judge by how many times his name is mentioned by the likes of James Carville he's the Dem's biggest problem.

They love to repeat how he wants Barack Obama to fail, omitting how Rush states that if whatever he's doing to this country is... "not based on individual liberty and freedom, why would he want that to succeed?"