Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jim Gilmore: "Financial catastrophe for the U.S."

Jim Gilmore over at The Patriot has a post, Financial catastrophe for the United States, that discusses the impact of Barack Obama's massive socialized medicine "reform" bill. He begins:
The passage of the Health Care Bill continues to dig the American public deeper into a financial hole. No matter how it is characterized, this is a vast new entitlement program, with no limits on the cost to the taxpayers of the future. Today our economic system is breaking under the weight of Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, the entitlement society. The national debt and deficits show that we cannot go on with this welfare state. This new health bill “doubles down” on the financial problems that we must solve to restore the future of our nation.
Read it all as he explains that the only way out of this financial abyss is for Americans to once again find their independent streaks and stand on their own two feet. Good read.

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