Monday, March 22, 2010

ObamaCare thoughts from the conservative blogosphere ... Dems will pay on Nov. 2

Where to begin on the day after Democrats crushed the Constitution to jam mandatory government-run health care down the throats of every man, woman, and child in America? After the Boston Tea Party, England didn't listen. What came next?

Norm at Tertium Quids reminds us that today is the anniversary of the Stamp Act, something we Virginia school children learned in our Virginia history classes, when the British Parliament passed a law on tax stamps. Most colonists thought they would have to buy the tax stamps even though they were unhappy with it ... until that Virginia patriot Patrick Henry came out with the Tax Act Resolves saying no taxes would be paid unless passed by the House of Burgesses. "Virginia Governor Fauquier did not approve of the resolutions, and he dissolved the House of Burgesses in response to their passage." Sound familiar? Attention, Democrats: Ignore the majority of the people at your own peril....

Tom White's News Hound over at Virginia Right! is following the health care fallout and adds his own post, "Time to reform health care reform."

The American Spectator says, "Rush Was Right" when he advised Republicans not to attend the health care summit with Barack Obama.

Brian at Snapped Shot says, "The tempest cometh" and adds, "November 2nd will be The Reckoning."

Fishersville Mike notes the Cuccinelli promise to sue the federal government and says, "Just being alive is not interstate commerce."

The Liberty Voice picked up on my post, "So this is how democracy dies" and includes that portion of the Star Wars video.

Cato at DelMarVa Dealings posts, "Cuccinelli to file suit against ObamaCare."

Yankee Phil wisely notes, "A Scout is trustworthy, Stupak is not."

Brian Kirwin at Bearing Drift writes, "Health care driven by liberal democrat ego."

Fishersville Mike writes, "For those who think Glenn Beck is paranoid."

Bob at The Journey has the latest issue of THYME Magazine ... Citizen Journalism with a Better Flavor.

Pat from And so it goes in Shreveport has a good roundup and writes, "And now we fight."

Do not despair. Yesterday the Democrats won a battle ... we are still fighting the war.

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