Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Job well done, U.S. Troops ... please remember our military

U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

As we debate health care in the United States, our military men and women continue to fight in Afghanistan. Is President Barack Obama paying attention to them? Or is he merely interested in his legacy?

Please say a prayer for our troops ... and please thank them for their service when you see them on the streets.

Want to send a care package to them? Move America Forward has not forgotten our troops and has been sending care packages for years:
You can help make the daily routine of our troops serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay a little better. This Easter season, as we at home give thanks and welcome spring and the fresh rebirth that comes with it, show your troops serving overseas in a time of war that you are re-committed to another year of supporting them and their efforts!

To add a touch of Easter greetings, we have included items that will remind our troops of the holidays and make them feel right at home. Our Easter Package comes with Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, a favorite Easter treat and Gobstoppers Easter Egg jawbreakers. We also now have officially licensed NASCAR Bug Buttons that will not only repel pesky insects but also let our troops root for their favorite drivers!

And don't forget that our Easter care packages still come loaded with all the favorites that our troops appreciate from our previous other care packages, like Premium Gourmet Coffee and Genuine Oreo Cookies and thick meaty beef jerky!
They are over there for us ... we should be here for them.


Joy Jackson said...

Thanks, Lynn, for helping get my mind off the fiasco that is DC.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

With so much coverage of health care, cap and trade, government takeover of private industry, and all the turmoil that goes with each of those, it's easy to forget that we are still at war and that we still have troops in harm's way.

9/11 ... may we never forget. And may God bless our military and their families.

Joy Jackson said...

I'm going to send you an email in response.