Monday, March 22, 2010

"Rush was right" to advise Republicans not to attend ObamaCare summit

The American Spectator is reporting that the White House says if Republicans had listened to Rush Limbaugh's advice to stay away from the Obama health care summit, it would have been more difficult for them to achieve last night's vote:
A White House aide, who was involved in planning the media sideshow at Blair said, "If the Republicans had actually listened to Rush [Limbaugh] and [Mark] Levin and [Fred] Thompson and not attended, we might have been in different situation. Before February 25, we had no momentum, you just felt it, after the summit, when the President told Republicans that if we couldn't agree, then we'd just have to move on without them, we had a bit of a opening and no major public opinion backlash."
"It allowed us to create the impression that Republicans had had a hand. It allowed the President afterward to claim he had included Republican proposals in the bill, and gave us a clear path to moving the process along, where before we didn't," says the aide. "Your Republican friends will disagree, but the minute they agreed to that meeting, we knew we were at the least back in business."
And so it goes....

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