Sunday, March 21, 2010

Poll: Whopping 56% disapprove Obama, 43% approve

The latest poll shows Democrat Barack Obama's approval numbers, after one year in office, tanking at numbers below those of George W. Bush when he left the White House after eight years.

Rasmussen is reporting that a whopping 56% of Americans now disapprove of Barack Obama's leadership while a mere 43% approve.

Pretty pitiful for someone who was once thought of by many as the messiah....

"Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."


CR UVa said...

The most stunning part of this poll was his "Strongly Disapprove" numbers. The president has as many people in that column as the sum of those who approve (whether strongly or otherwise) of the job he is doing. That he and Congress have not applied the brakes to their proposed health care "reform" only makes me wonder how blinded they must be right now. The echo chamber can be tough to get out of, but that echo chamber may be the undoing of the Democrats' hold of Congress in just 8 short months and the White House in 2012.

Hamster said...

Not sure about Obama's numbers but I remember President Bush's number whenhe left office.
Even Republican pollster Rassmussen Gave President Bush a 62% disapproval rating and 35% approval in Dec 2008..and that was being kind. Most other polls put Bush down to 25% approval rating.

A lot of people like me were really down on Obama after he failed to accomplish much after getting elected.
He seemed to get blocked at every turn.
But now that he has managed to pass the a monumental health care reform bill, dispite everyone saying that it was dead...well, now he's looking a lot more like the guy who took office in January.

Time will tell but how he ends up, but if this bill passes, he will be remembered for pushing through the biggest health care reform bill since medicare.
No small feat since it has eluded other presidents for almost 100 years.