Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Poll: Harry Reid attacks Rush, sees approval rating plummet in Nevada

Go ahead, Harry Reid, and continue to attack Rush Limbaugh in the Senate.

From Rush Limbaugh's website:
Did you people happen to see the latest polling data out of Nevada?

"Molly Ball of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Senator Harry Reid's favorable rating in Nevada has 'plunged dramatically,' according to a new poll. Currently, Reid's favorable rating is at 32%, while his unfavorable rating is at 51%, a net 23-point drop from the last poll taken in early May when Reid scored a 46/42 favorable/unfavorable rating.

Ball reports this is the first time Reid's unfavorable rating has eclipsed his favorable rating. It also puts him below the favorable ratings recorded by President Bush and," me! They put me in this poll!

Yes. I have a higher approval rating in Nevada than Dingy Harry.
Bidding online is over $50,000 for the letter ... and Rush has pledged to meet the winning pledge to go to the Marine Corps scholarship fund for children of Marines who have lost a parent in war.

You go, Rush.


Michael said...

All Reid needs to do is go look at the Presidents approval rating for a confidence boost. I love how these evangelical right wingers will look for any reason to hate someone because they arent good enough Christians in their eyes, but they love Limbaugh? Your party is a joke, as are you. Enjoy your last few months of leadership with your party, Lynn

Anonymous said...


Do you think Senator Reid will tone it down when he is up for re-election in 2010? Prehaps, the fine citizens of Nevada will send him packing just like another state did a majority leader in 2004.

Anonymous said...


The joke is your party wants to use the Government to bring back the Fairness Doctrine so it can eliminate talk radio. I guess if you can't compete with Rush, etc with Air American, you look for the government for assistance. I guess Liberals slept through Econ 101 (Supply & Demand). With TAXPAYER assisted NPR, I thought the Liberals were already getting their equal time.

Charles said...

It's no wonder they couldn't compete with "Air America". We saw how loony they are when they tried to blame conservatives for thier "star host" getting drunk and falling down and hurting herself.

Charles said...

Calvin, did you note the part that said Reid's approval rating is actually BELOW Bush's rating?

How is that supposed to give him a "confidence boost"?

And this is BEFORE he said evangelical christians were "anti-christian", that much of the Mormon church leaderhip had misled the church into conservative principles, and that many of the followers were too ignorant to know any better.

I don't think that will play well with either the LDS community OR the Evangelical community in his state.

Frankly, I doubt the gambling interests will care that much for him either after that -- it's bad for business.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Charles and Anonymous, thanks for your excellent response to Calvin.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee.... Calvin is typical of liberals. Never misses an opportunity to bash Christianity, and can't get the facts correct. Gotta love it!